Five New York GOP Help Promote LGBT-Pride In U.S. Military

On September 27, 2023, U.S. Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) introduced an amendment to a Department of Defense (DOD) appropriations bill that would have barred the expenditure of public funds on DOD LGBT pride celebrations.  

Unfortunately, Rep. Roy’s amendment, H.Amdt.382 to H.R.4365, failed by a vote of 231-202. House Democrats voted 213-0 to kill the amendment, while House Republicans voted 202-18 in favor of it. Amongst New York’s congressional delegation, the vote was 20-6, with all 15 New York Democrats and five New York Republicans (Reps. Anthony D’Esposito, Andrew Garbarino, Nick LaLota, Mike Lawler and Marc Molinaro) voting for taxpayer-funded LGBT observances within the Department of Defense.

Jason J. McGuire, executive director of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, remarked, “It is frustrating to see these GOP members of Congress take the pro-family vote for granted. Social conservatives deserve better representation than that. These members will be in tight races next year and they cannot afford to demoralize a core constituency.”

According to The Federalist, so far this year, the U.S. military “has been caught employing an enlisted drag queen to recruit new sailors into the Navy, using U.S. taxpayer money to fly Air Force members to military ‘pride’ events, and scheduling drag shows at military bases.” 

It is regrettable that the Republican-controlled House was unable to block the wasteful use of taxpayer funds to celebrate homosexuality and transgenderism. It is also regrettable that five of the 18 Republican votes against the amendment came from New York’s congressional delegation. In addition to being immoral, homosexuality and transgenderism have no relevance whatsoever to the national defense. Spending tax dollars on military displays of LGBT pride is improper, and it is a sign that the Biden-led Armed Forces have lost their way.