Senator May, Assemblymember Paulin Introduce Abortion Pill Bill

On Oct. 10, 2023, two pro-abortion New York legislators introduced a bill to make abortion pills more widely available, and to force insurers to cover them.

Bill S.7691-May/A.6835-Paulin would allow nurses, nurse practitioners, and midwives to write non-patient-specific prescriptions for abortion pills. The bill would also allow pharmacists to dispense abortion pills in response to such prescriptions. Finally, the bill would force insurance companies to make abortion pills available without cost-sharing.

The sponsors of this bill justify its provisions by pointing to a federal-level policy that expands access to abortion pills; however, it fails to mention that that policy remains under review in the courts.

More abortion pill availability is exactly what the state of New York does not need. New York already performs a high number of abortions. Furthermore, these pills are dangerous to women and lethal to unborn babies. Allowing them to be provided with minimal verification only makes matters worse than they already are.