It’s A Wrap: Week Fifteen Of The Legislative Session

This week’s Weekly Wrap-up from New York Families Action focuses on the New York State Budget.

The budget was due to be enacted no later than April 1. As of April 12, the budget process remains incomplete. On April 8, 2024, Gov. Kathy Hochul signed a third budget extender into law. That extender expired on April 11. On April 11, the State Senate passed a fourth budget extender that would expire on April 15. The Assembly passed the same extender on April 12.

At New York Families, we are concerned about two extremist pro-abortion measures that were included in the State Senate’s one-house budget proposal. The Senate included the Free Abortions for Out-of-Staters Act (Bill S.8307-B-Budget, Part TT) in its budget proposal, along with a second bad bill explicitly allowing minors to consent to abortion without parental involvement (Bill S.8307-B-Budget, Part N). Neither measure was included in the Assembly’s one-house budget proposal.

The Free Abortions for Out-of-Staters Act would create a grant program within the New York State Department of Health to fund abortion providers and nonprofits that facilitate abortion access. The program would have a three-part purpose: Increasing access to abortion, paying for abortions for women who cannot afford them, and offering “practical support” to women seeking abortions. Specifically, the program would increase abortion access by “growing the capacity of abortion providers to meet present and future care needs.” This bill says nothing whatsoever about facilitating adoption access; it would only facilitate abortion access. Providing funding for abortion clinics without providing funding for abortion alternatives implies that abortion is somehow preferable to childbirth. Furthermore, it implies that the unborn children of low-income women—many of them women of color—are of so little value that the state of New York will gladly pay to end their lives.

The second problematic portion of the Senate’s budget bill is Bill S.8307-B-Budget, Part N. This section states that “any person” may consent to an abortion, and that no reason must be provided. No age limit is included in the bill. New York already allows minors to obtain abortions without parental involvement, but Part N would double down on that anti-parent policy. Children and teenagers have parents for a reason, and the state of New York should not enact laws that bypass parents’ authority in the lives of their children.

Using our Action Center, please contact your state senator and your state assemblymember today to request that they vote against any budget legislation that includes these anti-life provisions.