Nassau County Legislature Acts To Protect Female Athletes

On June 24, 2024, the Nassau County Legislature voted 12-5 to pass a measure limiting participation in women’s and girls’ sporting events on county-owned property to females. Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman is expected to sign the legislation. Earlier this year, County Executive Blakeman signed an executive order containing similar terms; that order was struck down in court.

Jason J. McGuire, Executive Director of New York Families Action, made the following remarks: “New York Families Action thanks the Nassau County Legislature for protecting the integrity of women’s sports and girls’ sports by passing this law. Preventing males from intruding into women’s and girls’ sporting events is a matter of fairness and common sense. As a husband, and as the father of two daughters, I believe that women and girls should never have to choose between being placed at a competitive disadvantage and avoiding athletic competition altogether.”

McGuire continued, “The Nassau County Legislature’s action will doubtless be challenged by pro-‘trans’ activists based on New York state law. The Gender Expression and Non-Discrimination Act of 2019 (GENDA), also known as the Bathroom Law, bans discrimination on the basis of ‘gender identity or expression’ in housing, employment, and places of public accommodation. However, it is GENDA—not the County’s measure—that ought to be relegated to the dustbin of history. GENDA is both dishonest and unfair. It is dishonest because of the simple scientific fact that a male is not—and can never be—a female, regardless of his feelings about his gender identity. It is unfair because males have physical advantages over females that are relevant to athletic competition. Persons with gender dysphoria should be treated with kindness, decency, and Christian charity; however, government policy should never be based on the fallacy that it is possible to change one’s sex. Also, government should never place the interests of men who wish that they were women at a higher priority than the interests of actual women.”

McGuire concluded, “New York Families thanks Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman for his political courage and his leadership on this important cultural issue. We invite New York’s other 61 counties to join Nassau County in passing pro-woman legislation to keep males out of women’s sports and girls’ sports. Finally, New York Families looks forward to the day when New York government recognizes its mistake and joins the growing number of states that have passed laws protecting women’s sports and girls’ sports from encroachment by males.”